.shop – The Definitive Online Shopping Address


.shop - the definitive online address

.shop is the top level domain for all things shopping. Whether you sell products or services, online or offline a .shop domain name adds meaning to your online address and is a powerful marketing tool.

The word shop is short and versatile. It is understood and used in many languages and cultures around the world, and works as both a noun and a verb. The .shop TLD is not only the natural choice for online services and shopping sites, it is also a great fit for offline retailers building an online presence.

Who is the .shop domain for?

Many of the world’s leading brands use shop to add online shopping to their primary URL. Choose a .shop name for a dedicated online shopping address that is short, easy to remember and a powerful marketing tool.



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.blog – For All the Ways You Share

For all the ways you share

Sharing is the soul of blogging. It’s the simple act that turns the things we make into the story we tell. We share our passions. Our experiences. Our opinions and advice and expertise. And now, finally, there’s a dedicated platform for all the ways—and all the reasons—we share.

Make it yours
You don’t have to compromise for an available web address or try to build your blog on rented real estate. Get name you want in a brand-new space that’s all yours.

Own your first impression
.Blog is eye-catching, descriptive and instantly let’s know people exactly what to expect: content that’s exciting, creative, and unique.

Invest in yourself
Frequently updated blog content is the most effective way to attract new users who share your interests. Unlike social media, it doesn’t decay over time—and you own the traffic you generate.

Expand your influence
Put your content on the same level as major publishers, news outlets and companies with an address that’s easy to search, share and remember.

Start the conversation
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Work Smart

Get online with .US—the domain made for America’s small business.

Small business accounts for 54% of all US sales. It is the backbone of the economy, that’s why you should choose a .US web address. Our easy-to-use toolkit will help you get a website up and running and give you great tips on improving online search ranking which can help increase sales.

.US offers:
• Short, accurate website names — no compromising the website name you really want because it’s not available
• Improved search results and rankings by having a more accurate, easier name to find
• Security in an insecure world
• Instant brand reinforcement and audience education
• Creativity.
What fabulous, wondrous, exclusive way will you use .US?
The name you want is waiting.
before someone else does.

Your Email Address Is Out There

Shield Your Personal Information

Your email address is out there for anyone to find. Stop the spammers and scammers. Hide your personal information from the public with ID Protect today.

Have you noticed your inbox is getting filled with more junk these days?

Whenever you register a domain, your private information is very public. Each domain you register is in a public database of contact information which includes your name, home address, phone number, and email address in a database that anyone can access.  Spammers, scammers, and advertising agencies regularly scan this database and add you to their spam lists.

There’s only one way to make sure you’re not on their lists! Get ID Protect for every domain you register.  ID Protect hides your personal information so spammers won’t be able to reach you!

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Video Tutorials

Did you know that White Squirrel Website Solutions has Video Tutorials?  We have an entire roster of videos to help you with all aspects of managing your website, from email to cPanel to PHP administration and more!

To visit our tutorial page scroll to the bottom menu of our website and click “Tutorials” or login to your client area and select “Video Tutorials” from the Support drop-down menu.  You can also find our Tutorials by visiting the http://tutorials.whitesquirrel.solutions.